Using the SafetyWiki

What is it?

The SafetyWiki is a tool designed to help you find the information you need to work safely at PPPL. The contents are written in a clear, down-to-earth style with your ease of understanding in mind. No legalese here, just what you need to know.

How do I use it?


It's simple. On the right side of the screen you will see a search box. Click in the box, type in the topic you are looking for and click Search. In a moment, the topic you were searching for will be displayed.

Searching Tips

Following these searching tips will help you get the most out of the SafetyWiki.
  • Search using one or two key words that best describe the topic you are seeking.
  • Don't pose your search in the form of a question. For example, you'll want to search for "JHA", but not "How do I fill out a JHA?".
  • Take care to spell words correctly, as the SafetyWiki cannot interpret misspelled words at this time.

If the topic you were searching for is not directly displayed, a list of search results will be shown. Take a look at the list and select the topic you were looking for.

Table of Contents

If you would prefer to browse a list of available articles, an alphabetically sorted table of contents is available on the right side of the screen.

Tag Cloud

You can also find what you are looking for by using the tag cloud. You'll notice a bunch of seemingly random words on the right side of the screen, underneath the table of contents. These are all key phrases associated with various safety and health topics. The more popular the topic, the bigger and bolder the wording will be. This is a good way to find frequently accessed information.


If you cannot find what you're looking for, or have a suggestion for a topic, please e-mail us. We are continuously adding new content.