Ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population. Effective and successful "fits" assure high productivity, avoidance of illness and injury risks, and increased satisfaction among the workforce.

Safe Lifting

  • Avoid lifting objects that are too heavy for you!
  • Although there are no legal maximum weight limits for individuals, the Department of Labor recommends a 50-pound limit for repetitious lifting of compact objects. The National Institute for Occupational, Safety, and Health (NIOSH) recommends a 40- pound limit with a two-hour per day time limit.
  • Varies with personal capabilities
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Office Ergonomics

Generally refers to computer workstation set-up. More information can be found here.

Request an evaluation of your workspace here:

Microscope Ergonomics

Informational Brochure

Virtual Ergonomic Evaluation


If you are working remotely (away from PPPL or working from home, at another site, out of the country) and have an ergonomic question please email the Safety Division ( Email your question and photographs of your workstation and we can help.

Ergonomic Product Database


The product database lists the ergonomic equipment currently used at PPPL and includes videos or product specifications that inform personnel how to operate the equipment.

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OSHA eTool: Computer Workstations

RSI Break Reminder Tool - Download a free 45-day trial version of RSIGuard by Enviance. This trial version will allow you to see how often you utilize your mouse and keyboard to help prohibit injuries while using your computer workstation. RSIGuard will suggest when to take a break based on your work intensity and natural patterns. It will also show video clips of stretches to perform while taking a work break.