Walkways, Aisles, Exit Access Corridors

Providing quick and obstruction-free exit routes are necessary to keep us safe in the event of an emergency requiring evacuation, like a fire. The following guidelines apply to walkways, aisleways, and hallways within buildings, workshops, and laboratories.

Here is what you need to do to maintain adequate emergency egress and stay within regulatory compliance:

  • The minimum width of any exit access corridor or passageway serving 50 or more persons shall be not less than 44 inches.

  • Otherwise, the minimum width of any exit access corridor must be at least 28 inches, but an exit access width of at least 36 inches shall be capable of being provided without moving permanent walls.

  • Note that whenever possible, a 36 inch corridor is preferred when there is more than one person in the area.

  • Exit access from an area restricted by furniture or movable partitions may be less if it serves no more than 6 people AND is not longer than 50 feet AND
    • the width is at least 18 inches below 38 inches high AND
    • the width is at least 28 inches above 38 inches high