Penetrations in the ground of 12 inches or deeper anywhere on site require a Dig Permit. This is applicable to subcontractors as well. Contact Facilities for this permit, who will need to have it signed by Safety.

A competent person, somebody who understands the digging process, including the hazards involved, must oversee all excavation work.

Any project where people will enter the excavation requires review by the Safety Division for safety NO MATTER HOW DEEP.

If the excavation is greater than 5 feet deep, cave-in protection is always required, but it may be required at much shallower depths depending on the conditions.

If disturbing more than 5,000 square feet of soil, including the spoil pile (the stuff removed from the excavation) a permit must be obtained from the Freehold Soil Conservation District, and this may take significant time, so plan ahead!

ENG-024 Digging Permits