DOE-PSO Surveillance Reports

What are these?

Environmental health and safety specialists from the Department of Energy's Princeton Site Office conduct routine inspections of work areas at the Laboratory. They are looking to see that PPPL employees are maintaing a safe work environment. The Safety Division receives a report listing any deficiencies, observations, and suggestions. A representative of the Safety Division will follow up on the findings of the report and assign corrective actions as needed.

Action Items

An action item will be assigned when there is a need for timely completion of a corrective action related to a finding in the surveillance report. The action item will be assigned to the PPPL employee responsible for performing the corrective action with a due date, typically 60 days unless otherwise noted.

Status Updates

We ask for timely completion of the corrective actions, but understand that is not always possible. If the status of your action item changes, or you need more time, please keep Cathy Saville informed of the situation. Providing status updates helps prevent forgotten and overdue items.