Barricade Tape

Red Tape (Indicates Hazard to People)danger-safety-tape_1_1.jpg

Red barricade tape or chain indicates a hazard to people. Crossing this barricade could lead to injury. NEVER CROSS RED BARRICADE TAPE unless granted permission by an authorized employee. If the barricade is blocking a thoroughfare, find another way around. If you need access to an area that has been barricaded, call the contacts on the contact information signs that are posted along the barricade. If there is no contact information, notify the Safety Division.

In the Event of Emergency
In an emergency, barricade tape placed on an exit door can be crossed to escape the area. An exit taped in this way should be marked “Emergency Exit Only”. If the exit is physically blocked, an alternative emergency exit has to be designated and the people in the area informed, or the affected area cannot be occupied.

Yellow Tape (Used for Protecting Sensitive Equipment)


Yellow barricade tape shall be used to protect property, but not life. Yellow barricade tape may be used to protect sensitive equipment that shouldn't be disturbed.

The Barricade

Properly setting up the barricade tape is the key to its effectiveness.The barricaded area should be completely enclosed, with the barricade tape placed approximately 36" above grade. The barricade tape shouldn't sag and should be securely fastened to stanchions or another support structure so that the barricade does not fall down. DO NOT leave any gaps in the barricade so that people do not inadvertently walk through into the hazardous area.

Contact Information Signs

Contact information signs must be posted along barricaded tape. The signs shall contain the contact information (Names and Phone Numbers) of at least two individuals who are responsible for the area. Laminating the signs is a good idea because it makes them more durable and less susceptible to the weather when outdoors.

Click below to download a template for the contact information sign.